Corruption and title fraud fuels demolitions in poor San Antonio neighborhoods.

There’s no doubt that San Antonio’s record demolitions are fueled by corruption.

A University of Texas Law School report proves what low-income San Antonians have been complaining about for years:

The city helps developers and speculators prey on poor folks by displacing them from their properties.

It’s a bad deal, fueled by the unchecked manipulation of political operatives, corrupt city employees, and grasping real estate speculators. I began to see exactly how the scheme worked when I began investigating corruption in San Antonio for my upcoming book Evil Corp: Allstate Insurance, Shadow Networks, and the Corruption of a Major American City.

City officials forcefully rejected the study’s findings, but their denials have long worn thin. The Development Services Department is notoriously corrupt. Just ask former city manager Sheryl Sculley, or any of the poor citizens or small local developers. The game is rigged, city officials know it, and, increasingly, so do the rest of us. The time for mutual absolution in our town is coming to an end.

Dear elected officials, if you cannot acknowledge the city’s corruption problems, or are not willing to purge local government of corrupt actors, find another job. We, the citizens of San Antonio, are sick of your fecklessness.

Peek inside Evil Corp.

Author: Denise McVea

An award-winning investigative journalist and human rights advocate, Denise McVea's work has brought about meaningful social change for marginalized communities. She's exposed waste, mismanagement, and abuse in many government agencies and private sector organizations. Her research into the Yellow Rose of Texas legend brought fresh new insights to the Texas Revolution. In 2003, she founded the Auris Project, Inc. A 501c3 non-profit organization, the Auris Project focuses on information as a source of empowerment. In 2018, McVea launched Auris Books Press, a scrappy non-profit publishing house dedicated to the literature of exposure. She combines impressive research skills with vibrant storytelling to enlighten and entertain her readers. "You can't make this stuff up," she says.

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